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Ok, so you have read about us and what Lovers Co. is, we have you interested! Now you can see a break down of what we can offer you! In the first section, you will find packages that we offer together as planner and celebrant.

Whilst we love working together we get that we probably aren't everyone's bread and butter together that's why we also offer our services separately as well. If Ange is more your bread you will be able see the packages she has on offer. And, if Adam is more your butter (slippery little sucker he is) head over to his website to reach out to him (

Lastly, If we haven't listed any services here that you think we could offer to your day reach out to us and let us know!

NEW!! We are now offering elopement experiences with a bunch of other pretty rad wedding vendors. You can catch us @TheALTARnate. To hear more about this fill out our enquiry form. 

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